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Our services as a Reliable Driving Check Booking Cancellation Website for learners strive to locate driving test cancellations as quickly as possible to take their driving test. The majority of learner drivers are either in school, college, university, or working. Trying to find an early exam may be time consuming, frustrating, and in some cases plain impossible owing to your schedule. This is the beauty of our service: you relinquish control to us.
Our ADI Scheme is intended to provide driving instructors and driving schools with the chance to provide their pupils with early driving test slots at their local test center. Whatever your motivation, whether it's to provide your organization a competitive advantage, to generate a profit, to get students off your books faster, or simply to aid your students, our ADI plan can undoubtedly deliver.
Intensive driving schools use our driving test scanner. Learners who wish to take their classes within a week or two obviously want to pass their test as soon as possible. With the current wait times, this isn't always doable. This is where we can assist you in obtaining an earlier driving test for your clients — we provide discounts for large purchases. Please contact me.

1. Book a test with the DVSA

To allow us to change your test, you must have a test booked with the DVSA that can be changed online.

2. Create your account with us

Use our simple form to enter your preferences for test centres and dates for your next test.

3. Reply back to book

If you like a test we've found for you, simply reply to the text or email with "BOOK". If you don't reply, we'll just keep searching.

4. Receive a confirmation text

We'll send you a confirmation text and email once your test has been successfully changed.